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5 Uses for the Everyone Tote

If you are tired of switching between different totes and wish you could have one that was functional, versatile, and super cute, then we want to introduce you to our Everyone Tote!

The Everyone Tote is just that.... a tote for everybody!

Whether you are constantly in meetings, are a busy mom, or are someone who is always on the go, this tote was made to fit seamlessly into your busy life!

Don't believe us?

Then you are in the right place because today we are sharing 5 ways that you can use the Everyone Tote to make your life a bit easier (and a bit more colorful we might add)!


Before we talk about our 5 favorite ways to use the Everyone Tote, let go over some of the basics of the tote!

everyone tote from lynn lilly designs
snap in pouch for everyone tote

Features: This tote is clear on all four sizes, has a zipper top, and comes with a small zipper tote bag that snaps inside the tote.

Dimension: Large Tote: 16" x 12" 6.5"  Insert Tote (snaps in): 10.5" x 7"

Material: This tote is made of thick water resistant nylon and pvc plastic, making it free-standing and durable. 


1. Overnight Girls Trip

Going on a quick girls' trip? Our Everyone Tote is ideal for travel and is perfect for carrying your shoes, clothes, makeup bag, tablet, and some spirited beverages!

everyone tote for overnight girls trip
lynn lilly with everyone tote for overnight girls trip
2. Gym Bag
Going to the gym is hard enough, and it can be even more frustrating if you forget your ear pods! Our Everyone Tote is perfect as a gym bag because the small snap-in zipper pouch can be used for those easy-to-lose items like your ear pods or jewelry. Then the rest of the bag can hold your shoes, deodorant, and water bottle. 
lynn lilly with everyone tote for gym

3. Beach Bag

Whether you have kids or not, transporting all of the things you need for a day at the beach can be such a hassle! Our Everyone Tote makes for the perfect beach bag because it's large enough to hold all your gear (like sunscreen, towels, etc.) and it's water resistant, which makes cleaning up all that sand a breeze!

everyone tote for beach trip
lynn lilly with everyone tote for beach trip

4. Day at the Park with Kids

Is it your turn to take the kids to the park? If so, then use our Everyone Tote to store, organize, and transport, all those snacks, toys, and activities! 

everyone tote for the park

5. Work Bag

At 16" x 12" 6.5", our Everyone Tote makes for a great work bag! The tote is large enough to hold work items like a 15" laptop, tablet, notebooks, a water bottle, chargers, and more! 

everyone tote for work
lynn lilly with everyone tote for work


If the answer is YES, then click here to shop, see a full video of the tote, and to learn more!

everyone tote from lynn lilly

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