Pool Day Packing Tips With Lynn Lilly Designs

Pool Day Packing Tips With Lynn Lilly Designs

Summer is here, which means you (like us) will be spending more time at the pool!

Spending a day at the pool is always fun, but getting ready to go is another story! If you are looking for some easy ways to transport all of your pool gear in colorful style, then today's blog post is for you!

Today, I will be sharing 5 pool packing tips that you can use if you have our Lynn Lilly Designs totes. Plus, I will be sharing my go-to place for buying adorable swimsuits!



Before we talk about pool packing tips, let's go over some of the basics of our Everyone Tote, Everything Tote, Mini Everyone Tote, and Rainbow Tote!


Everyone Tote:


Features: This tote is clear on all four sizes, has a zipper top, and comes with a small zipper tote bag that snaps inside the tote.

Dimension: Large Tote: 16" x 12" 6.5"  Insert Tote (snaps in): 10.5" x 7"

Material: This tote is made of thick water resistant nylon and pvc plastic, making it free-standing and durable. 


life of lily everything tote

Life Of Lilly Everything Tote:

Features: This tote is clear on the front, has a zipper top, and has an inner pocket and utility hoops.

Dimension: 13.5" x 10.5"

Material: The bag is lined inside and out with pvc soft flexible plastic to make it water resistant and easy to clean.

Note: This tote also come in another color way called Baha Dreams Everything Tote.

mini everyone tote

Mini Everyone Tote

Features: This tote has accents of our Baha Dreams pattern on the front and back, and has a zipper top.

Dimension: 10.5" x 7"

Material: The bag is lined inside and out with pvc soft flexible plastic to make it water resistant and easy to clean.

rainbow tote

Rainbow Tote

Features: The tote is double-lined, has an inner pocket, comes with a signature Lynn Lilly tassel and has a row of pom-pom trim on both sides of the tote!

8" x 4" 1.5"

The tote it's designed with water-resistant nylon on both the inside and the outside.


Pool Day Packing Tip 1: Store all your main pool gear in our Everyone Tote!

Whether you have kids or not, transporting all of the things you need for a day at the pool can be exhausting!

You may think that you need tons of totes to carry around all your items, but in reality, you only need one!

Our Everyone Tote makes for the perfect pool bag because it’s large enough to hold all your gear and is water resistant. This makes our large tote bag great for holding items like the following:

  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Blanket
  • Swimsuits
  • Swimsuit Coverup
  • Sandals
  • Beach Reads (aka books or magazines)
  • Waterbottles

everyone tote by the pool

Pool Packing Tip 2: Store toiletries and makeup items in our Mini Everyone Tote or Everything Tote!

When going to the pool, you can never have too much sunscreen!

However, if you are at a loss as to how you can store all of those random clunky items (like sunscreen bottles), then you need our Mini Everyone Tote or Everything Tote!

Both of these totes work great as toiletry bags or makeup bags because they have a zipper closer and are water-resistant.

mini everyone tote and everything tote with makeup

Pool Packing Tip 3: Store sunglasses and delicate items in our Rainbow Tote!

Never lose another pair of sunglasses again with our Rainbow Tote!

Our Rainbow Tote is perfect if you are wanting to keep those delicate items or easy-to-loose items within reach. For instance, this small tote bag would be perfect for holding sunglasses, swimming goggles, or hair ties.

Plus, as a fun bonus, our Rainbow Tote is small enough to throw inside any purse or large tote bag!

rainbow tote with sunglasses and swimming goggles

Pool Packing Tip 4: Store your snacks in our Everything Tote!

Bringing snacks to the pool is a chore in itself!

On our recent trip to 30A, I wanted to have an easy way to store and carry all our snacks. So, I grabbed our Everything Tote, and it was the best ''Mom decision'' ever!

Our Everything Tote makes for the perfect snack tote because it's clear on the front has a zipper top, and is lined inside and out with PVC soft flexible plastic to make it water-resistant and easy to clean. So, if anything spills or your kids decide to dump all their cookie crumbs in your tote, you can wipe it out!

snacks in everything tote

Pool Packing Tip 5: Store your kids' pool toys in our colorful totes!

We can't forget about the kids!

Having colorful totes that your kids can use at the pool is a great ''Mom Hack'' because they can know what belongs to whom and can easily find what they need on their own!

For instance, both of my girls loved using their Rainbow Totes during our recent vacation because it was perfect for holding all of their individual items like small toys. This was also helpful for keeping there items separated from each other, since we know how sisters are (lol)!

rainbow tote and kid in pool



Swimsuits have always been a challenge for me! They are usually too small on the top, too big on the bottom, and not tight enough to hold it all in. 


lynn lilly wearing swimsuit holding everyone tote


The one place I have always had success with finding swimsuits before kids, after kids, and in between is Albion Fit


I love that you can get different size tops and bottoms at Albion Fit! They have so many cut options including tankinis and even one pieces. The material is tight, so it holds everything in, and it doesn’t get all stretched and loose when it’s wet!


lynn lilly wearing swimsuit


The pieces I'm wearing in the photos are the following:


Top: Darling Pink Olivia Swim Crop

Bottoms: Darling Pink Almost Cheeky Bottoms

Cover Up: Beachwear Coverup - this is an Amazon affiliate link


So, if you need a cute swimsuit for your next trip to the pool, I highly recommend that you check out Albion Fit!




If the answer is YES, then click here to shop, see product videos, and to learn more!


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